Trim Removal

In-line Chopper

  • Controls cut length
  • Low static loss
  • Cuts a variety of material thicknesses
  • Reversible blades increase knife life and reduce sharpening
  • Individual knives are removable for re-sharpening
  • Precision bearings and single-cast housing…
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Intake Silencer

  • Silencers are used to reduce the sound levels associated with the pneumatic conveying equipment
  • The fan or blower sound levels are typically reduced by 3 to 7 dBA at a distance of 3 feet
  • Blower intake silencers and in-line silencers available
  • Greatly reduces sound at blower location…
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Venturi Eductor

  • Superior design and precision manufacturing make the Quickdraft Venturi Eductor the most efficient, consistent and reliable method for maintaining conveying process requirements
  • No obstructions to the material flow and all moving parts are external to the air stream
  • Little or no maintenance
  • Consistent, dependable conveying…
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Pressure Blower

  • Reduces noise as a result of remote location
  • The blower never comes in contact with the material flow stream
  • Reliable and maintenance friendly
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Static Neutralizer

  • Reduces static charge for more efficient air/material separation
  • Located at the inlet to the air/material separator
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Power supply unit and cable are provided
  • The cable is prewired to the neutralizer prior to shipment
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Square Section Perforated Elbow

  • Includes an air/material separator with filtered shroud to reduce dust emissions
  • Material falls out of the air stream and drops to a telescoping chute
  • Safety limit switch located above the granulator
  • Air/Material Separator designed per NFPA Explosive Dust guidelines
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