Electrostatic Discharging

iONstream 4.0

Latest generation of micro-processor controlled, intelligent, earth-free high efficiency static neutralising system. High voltage power module unit integrated into discharging electrode profile. Especially suitable for high speed applications as well as where long range neutralising and field bus driven communication and data processing via Display, WLAN or GateWay is required.

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The control in the industrial panel iONControl with touch screen convinces with user-friendly menu navigation and many networking options to higher-level control systems.

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Electrostatic Charging

iONcharge 4.0

Latest generation high efficiency static charging system. High voltage power unit integrated into charging electrode. Especially suitable for applications where high voltage cable can cause a problem and small dimensions are required.

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Our “chopper stabilised” electrostatic meter, iONmeter, accurately reads static electricity without substrate contact. The hold function keeps the actual reading in memory e.g. after obtaining measurements in areas where the direct reading of the display is not possible. A zero adjustment is not needed before each measurement.

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Network capable electrostatic sensor for measuring and recording of electrostatic charges. CANbus capable interface for all Hildebrand FUSION systems. Connect via the Hildebrand bus to the iONgate GateWay or the iONmaster Display.

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