Oilseed Preparation


  • Sizes available (1,200 to 18,000 m3/hr)
  • Internal impact rods increase hull separation
  • True counter current design
  • Ceramic lined impact areas
  • Long trouble free service
  • Durable choke fed desing
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Craking Mills

  • Capacity up to 1550mtpd (On Soybeans)
  • Single motor drive up to 90kw
  • Integrated feeders
  • Differential roll speeds based on application
  • One point roll adjustment
  • Standard bearing last life of roll
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Flaking Mills

  • Capacity up to 500mtpd (Based on Soybeans)
  • Integrated swing out magnets
  • Thin consistent flakes
  • Few fines
  • Uniform feed distribution
  • Stadnard Bearings last life of roll
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Jet Dryers

  • Used in Hot Dehulling
  • Fluidised Bed Design “Popping Effect”
  • Can process beans with moisture up to 13.5%
  • No need for expensive grain dryers, tempering silos, or rotary conditioners.
  • Patented Jet dryer uses less power than fluidised bed
  • Ensures uniform retention and aspiration…
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Vertical Seed Conditioners

  • Models available (25tpd to 3,500tpd)
  • Stack up
  • Easily expanded by adding sections
  • Utilises low pressure steam
  • Very low installed kw.
  • Minimal Maintenance
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