Roller Mill

  • A Modern design that allows high productivity
  • Complying with the most demanding hygiene and safety international standards
  • Automatic adjustment through the speed variation of feeding rollers
  • Stable and silent performance
  • The front is fully foldable and has removable bearings along with the rolls…
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  • High productivity allied to precise classification
  • Adjustable and independent valves which allows the control of suction air flow
  • Perfect adjustment of the aspiration and densimetric separation of the product
  • Meets the most demanding hygiene standards
  • Easy Inspection and access to collection and analysis of the classified product
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  • Completely interchangeable, allows future expansions in the mill diagrams
  • Easy operation and minimal maintenance
  • Reduced weight and larger sieving surface
  • Each channel has independent structure which distinguishes it with simplicity and robustness
  • Does not absorb moisture, ensuring high hygiene and sanitization
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Automatic Damping System

  • Guarantees excellence for humidifying several different types of wheat, or its blends over milling preparation
  • Processes the quantity of water to be added and controls the hydraulic circuit in real time, proportionally to its requirements
  • The system is mounted in a compact and easy maintenance unit
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Intensive Dampener

  • Provides a homogenous distribution of water among the grains providing thus a differentiated penetration of water inside of them and consequently a reduction in downtimes
  • Developed for providing intensive and continuous humidification of large flows of grains…
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Centrifugal Detaching Device

  • Applied for disaggregation and pulverization of flour plaques, even the smallest ones, originating from the roller mill smooth passages
  • For the dunst treatment in order to assist in the release of flour particles which may adhere to the bran
  • Improves the milling process while the product is suitable prepared for a superior sifting stage…
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Horizontal Degerminator

  • Provides a finished product with a high performance degree
  • Designed for the production of pieces of green corn gruel and grits through a corn degermination process
  • Guarantees maximum installed power yielding
  • Balances properly the product flow and degermination quality
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Corn Degerminator

  • Designed for achieving the highest yield of grits with fat content lower than 1%
  • The specific arrangement of the cast iron rotor and of the abrasive plates combined with the air stream generated by blown air and suction allow for obtaining up to 20% hominy, 35% of medium grits and 15% of fine grits.
  • From these grits it is possible to produce flakes…
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Infestation Destroyer

  • Developed for use in product pneumatic conveying lines, whether in pressure or depression, it eliminates insects, eggs and larvae through the intensive impact of the pines existing inside its rotor
  • Produced with capacities ranging from 4 to 30 t/h
  • High energy efficiency
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Electronic Flow Scale

  • The weighing of free flowing products and it can also be applied for the control of processes, or yields of a plant
  • Its especial structure enables and reduces drastically to the minimum level maintenance procedures
  • Ensures the maximum product flow
  • Provides the hygienization of the components…
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Ponderal Flow Controller

  • Embodies the most advantageous and revolutionary system for instantaneous dosing and weighing over the production flow of the product
  • Set for weighing with the loading cell
  • Servomotor weighing regulation command
  • Use over the unloading of the cells of the grain silos in order to obtain the mixtures…
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Misting Screw

  • Suitable for adding smaller quantities of water to the grain immediately before milling or degerminating
  • Uses its vaned rotor to provide for perfect distribution of the water on the surface of the grains, facilitating the penetration of the water and improving the quality of the processing
  • A highly durable, reliable piece of equipment…
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Horizontal Turbo Sifter for Bran

  • Developed to remove bran particles that still adhere to any type of flour after final grinding of the grain
  • The function of the machine is to add direct value via the extraction of particles from milled grains, as well as other characteristics whilst its enables the production of bran with a low starch content…
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Horizontal Vibrating Turbosifter

  • Designed for an efficient, reliable and high capacity sifting of those products having a difficult flowing
  • The machine has a vibratory movement, set by an eccentric mass, preventing the deposit of material on the hoppers or other parts of the machine
  • Designed to last for a long time
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Horizontal Wet Polisher

  • A machine for rice polishing able to meet the demand of having a final product of superior quality, capable of not getting damaged if being submitted to long storage periods
  • Higher comercial value
  • Higher functionality and storage safety for the finished product
  • Improvement of the successive processes…
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