Loading & Unloading

Big Bag Unloader

  • The Bulk Bag frame can be supplied with adjustable columns to allow easy adjustment to suit varying bag sizes
  • Robust, heavy duty frame
  • The docking system can be manual, or semi- automatic
  • Load cells can be integrated into the frame to provide loss-in-weight measurement
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Small Bag Unloader

  • Both Manual and Automatic systems available
  • Bag emptying with pallet transport is optional
  • Bags can be emptied and tranported pneumatically to the desired location
  • Bag empting systems can be equipped with empty bag compactors to reduce waste
  • Various capacities available
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Container Loader

  • A-Ward’s revolutionary tilting container loader allows you to fill up every last inch
  • Loads in less than five minutes
  • Reduces manpower required
  • Improves loading accuracy
  • Vertical loading or controlled angle options
  • Withstands the toughest workloads
  • Requires minimal space
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Container Unloader

  • The unloader tilts up to an unloading angle of 90 degrees
  • Unloading a range of materials directly into your storage system, at the speed you want
  • Unloading at any set heights above ground
  • Contamination-free unloading of sensitive or hazardous materials
  • Suitable for various range of container sizes
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Loading Spout

  • Dustless Loading Solution
  • Handles materials like minerals, cement, frac sand, grains and flour
  • Open & Closed Loading Systems, can be utilized in enclosed or open trucks, semi-tankers, railcars, and small stockpile situations
  • Automatic Raise feature, Level-sensing probe provides automation & speed…
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  • For all agricultural grain crops
  • Automatic transfer of sample to laboratory
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