Extrusion Lines

Barrier Line

  • Multiple layers & extruders as desired. 7, 9, 11 or more.
  • Process capabilities for PA, PE, mLLPE, PP, PET, EVOH and Tie.
  • Center winding with load cell control, gap and light nip lay-on control.
  • Tailored designs available to meet customers exacting needs.
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Aseptic Line

  • Triplex extrusion coating and laminating line for paper, aluminum foils and/or film.
  • Process capabilities for LDPE, LLDPE and HDPE (mono-extrusion).
  • Process capabilities for Ionomer, PP, EAA and EMAA (co-extrusion).
  • Shiftless unwinds and winder.
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CPP Line

  • Excellent film clarity & Lay flat.
  • Longer more consistent run-time with balanced cross-web properties.
  • Flexibility to meet changing markets with lower maintenance requirements.
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Extrusion Coating Line

  • Unique Extrusion Coating Lines combining the best technology of well-respected heritage brands.
  • Decades of collective experience supported by proven capabilities and process expertise.
  • Line that deliver solutions for multiple applications and requirements.
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Flexible Packaging Line

  • Exceptionally Uniform Roll Quality.
  • Excellent Melt Quality.
  • Quick Change, Short Run Capability.
  • Flexibility to Meet Changing Markets.
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Liquid coating window film Line

  • Performance – over others in the marketplace, supported by extensive process knowledge.
  • Custom Solutions – with more than 50 coating configurations, pre-engineered & custom.
  • Flexibility – using quick-change cartridge coaters to meet future processing needs.
  • Innovations – with systems like our patented CAS (Coating Air Separation) & Steamex re-humidification system.
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From single and twin screw extruders to specialty, reclaim, medical and elastomer extruders, the depth and availability of our extruder offering is what makes Davis-Standard the global extrusion leader. We are also recognized for our co extrusion technology, supporting both vertical and horizontal co extrusion configurations….

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SHO Extruder

  • Equipped to save space while offering outputs up to 20 percent higher than existing groove feed models.
  • Engineered with an optimized feed section and high-performance, energy-efficient DSB® barrier screw.
  • Beneficial for high-viscosity HDPE applications such as pipe extrusion, where lower melt temperatures, reduced power consumption and improved energy efficiency are paramount.
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CHP Extruder

  • space-saving, engineered for extrusion coating applications.
  • Small footprint and lightweight to allow for easier addition to an existing carriage or platform structure.
  • High-performance option for a range of extrusion coating applications.
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Extrusion Dies

Single Manifold Dies

  • Unparalleled mass flow distribution across the die width
  • Non-uniform die clamshelling
  • Uniform cross-direction flow distribution
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Multi-Manifold Dies

  • Designated manifold for each melt stream enabling polymers to spread across the flow channel width independently
  • Typically required to process coextruded structures where individual polymer layers have large viscoelastic differences
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EBR™ Extrusion Coating Dies

  • Internally deckled die consisting of independently adjustable components for reduction of edge-bead and over-coat
  • Full cavity adjustable internal deckles
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Web Coating Dies

  • Used in coating processes such as proximity coating, slot-die coating or contact coating
  • Can apply pressure-sensitive adhesives and hot-melt adhesives, as well as aqueous, emulsion, solution or curtain coatings
  • Use less material
  • Have better gauge control…
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Reflex™ Dies

  • Faster and more efficient product changes
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Extrusion Feedblocks

VG™ Feedblocks

  • The mainstay of feedblocks is the versatile Variable Geometry (VG™) Feedblock
  • Movable vane
  • Distribution pins
  • Reliability and maximum flexibility with on-line process adjustability
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FG™ Feedblocks

  • Ease of use with basic formulas and applications
  • Easily removable inserts
  • Customized feedblock design
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NanoLayer™ Feedblocks

  • A breakthrough for extrusion in the industrial and consumer packaging industries
  • Enables customers to develop film applications with a high number of layers
  • Used to enhance barrier performance, mechanical properties and/or optical properties…
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Feedblock Options

  • Selector Plug™: interchangeable Cartridge
  • TopHat™: best suited for ultimate streamlining for heat sensitive polymer applications
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  • Maximum protection against ferrous and nonferrous debris.
  • Purifies regrind and recycled goods in a plastics plant.
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  • Collect and separate contaminant ferrous metal from gravity fed, dry, free flowing materials.
  • Specifically for the plastics industry.
  • Feature temperature-compensated rare earth magnets.
  • Compatible with high temperature (up to 80°C) applications.
  • Durability and a reduction in downtime.
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  • Sense and remove the presence of ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless metals in the process flow.
  • Find metal encapsulated in the individual particle.
  • Optional features allow you to network detectors for remote monitoring, reporting or control.
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