Mixed Flow Dryer

  • Effective for all grains
  • Mixed flow operations provides even heating and cooling to preserve grain quality
  • Flexible operations, multiple burners and blowers offer flexible drying options
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Tower Dryer

  • Capacities up to 12,000 BPH Drying and Cooling.
  • Type of fuel can be LP or Natural Gas.
  • Vacuum cool drying reclaims reusable heat from hot, dry grain, reducing the amount of BTUs required by the dryer.
  • Adjustable cooling floor.
  • Static Moisture Sampler, takes reading only…
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Portable Dryer

  • Up to 4,000 BPH All Heat @ 5 PT. Removal.
  • Operation type can be all heat or dry/cool.
  • Fuel type can be LP or natural gas.
  • Stacked Dryers are available.
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Horizontal Cooler

  • Designed for the most demanding drying and cooling application.
  • Offers multiple feeder, plenum and steam coil options.
  • Stream Coils.
  • Side panels.
  • Moving bed design.
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Counterflow Cooler

  • Simple in design, mechanically trouble-free and requiring minimal space.
  • Provide full control air quality, process time, relative humidity, temperature and moisture.
  • Provide control over evaporation rates without affecting cooling effectiveness
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