Dosing & Weighing


  • Suitable for wide range of insutries, food, feed, plastics, … etc.
  • Wide range of feeding tools
  • Highly accurate gravimetric feeders
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Weigh Hopper

  • Used for weighing of hoppers, tanks and small and medium capacity silos.
  • Available in various capacities, up to 100 tons.
  • Compression and Tension type load cells available.
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    • Designed to dose and weigh small quantities of ingredients.
    • Suitable for a wide range of products used in the animal feed milling industry.
    • Ingredients with different bulk densities and flowing characteristics.
    • Small ingredient dosing system (Max. 200 kg).
    • Micro ingredient dosing system (Max. 50 kg).
    • Precision ingredient dosing system (max. 1 kg).
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Truck Weigher

  • Designed for all vehicle weighing applications
  • Meets the dimension of your project
  • Above or under ground weighbridges are available
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