Steam Mixer

  • First step in the process of conditioning in the application of steam mixer.
  • Injection dry steam, starch gelatinization is induced within a short period of time.
  • Decrease mechanical friction during pelleting.

Improve pellet quality and pellet durability for handling and transportation.

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Long Term Conditioner

  • Automatic steam quantity control.
  • Optimizing the nutritional quality of feed and enhancing the pellet ability of the product as well.
  • Low construction height, distance between inlet and outlet.
  • First In first Out product.
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Long Term Vessel

  • Electrical heated system to prevent condensation inside the LTV and maintain optimal temperature.
  • Screw shaft end executed with double ribbon.
  • Large, hinged doors for easy cleaning.
  • Standard provisions to place the steam mixer directly on top of LTV.
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Steam Reducing Group

  • Is an integrated part of the steam supply in a feed mill.
  • Positioned between the steam supply line and the conditioner.
  • Components made out of cast iron and ductile cast iron with some stainless steel components.
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